CHUKWUMA EKWERIKE is a self-taught artist based in Lagos, Nigeria. He
remembers his love for art stems from his childhood and teenage years when he
practically started drawing on his school books, making sketches, then advancing
to calligraphy from his hand writing style to abstract expressions.

Art did not mean much to him until it showed up again during his early
University days with more intensity, now drifting towards an in-depth
development of abstraction, symbolism and an interest in fashion drawings born
out of his inspiration and explorations around the fluidity of the female form.

He cites an unforgettable experience where he had an apparition of a female
silhouette set on the door of his room while on his bed during a certain evening.
His interest in the female form metamorphosed from his love-hate relationship
with his study of the human anatomy during his medical school days. He claimed
that he loved anatomical drawings but he did not enjoy its literature.

He describes his abstract drawings as visual representations of the spirituality that stems from
his African origin, heritage and life’s experiences. Art according to him revealed
the inner strength he possessed, as he never felt that way with his academic
science inclinations.

He was encouraged to pursue and develop his passion for the art by a Ghanaian
Art Professor he met during his studies at the University of Port Harcourt. He also
remembers an encouragement from the artist Njideka Crosby Akunyili who via an
e-mail encouraged him to develop his art.

His works are a reflection of the union of his inner abstract mind, and outer
reality as a human being. He loves to work expressing himself through various
media on paper, textiles, garments, and performance with inspiration from the
female form/ body, African art, culture, and anything that sparks his curiosity.

He believes that the lines, curves, and colors place before him, a constant reference
for the true and deep meaning of life.

His vision is to make art that evokes a strong feeling in the soul(s) of his audience
and one that positively impacts on people across the world.

His works have been shown at exhibitions such as the Placenta Pop-up show at
the Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library Abeokuta, Narwhal Contemporary
Gallery Ontario, TED X University of Port Harcourt, the International Trade Centre
Geneva, as well as commissions from the United Nations/ Ethical Fashion